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Part #: 95059500 .
Pack Quantity: 1
Core Charge: $0.00
List Price: $410.75
Our Price: $234.00
This part has been discontinued
Street Scene Fender Flares 2003-2007 Hummer H2
DISCONTINUED NO LONGER AVAILABLE Street Scene Fender Flares 2003-2007 Hummer H2 "STREET SCENE SPORT FENDER FLARE, SET OF 6 -- Round Style, Made From Tough And Durable Urethane, Contoured And Paintable To Perfectly Match Your Vehicle's Color, With Wide Tape Area Hummer fender flares extend the wheel lip out by a few more inches and give your vehicle a wider stance. Available in flexible polymer materials and fiberglass, Hummer fender flares give you the option of leaving them black or painting them the color of your truck. Either way, Hummer fender flares make your wide truck even wider and Hummer fender flares will differentiate your vehicle from the other Hummers out there. Hummer fender flares aren't just about looks, though. Adding some Hummer H2 fender flares will prevent all sorts of dirt, rocks, and mud from getting slung up on the side of your truck. After all, your Hummer isn't cheap to wash. Using Hummer fender flares is a great way to keep junk from the road down on the road, rather than on your vehicle. And don't worry about durability--Hummer fender flares are nearly indestructible, so your Hummer fender flares will likely last the life of your Hummer. And since you'll only be buying Hummer fender flares once, make sure you get a good price on them. That's where we come in. Our Hummer fender flares give you the best combination of price and quality of any Hummer fender flares out there. Your truck is your baby, so treat it right with a set of our Hummer fender flares.