Frequently Asked Questions

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I just received my order and it is damaged what do I do?

Damage/Loss Claims The customer will need to and is responsible for contacting in order to initiate a damage or loss claim. No matter whom you feel is at fault the claim must be initiated with us. We will be in touch with you for some of the particulars about the shipment. When the claim is confirmed, we can order and send a replacement for the damaged merchandise. If you are present when the damaged package arrived please sign for the package and in the same screen write DMG which will indicated it was damaged upon arrival. Please contact us at or click If your product has been damaged in shipment, you MUST also contact us within 48 hours of receipt. Our customer service representatives will guide you through a return and replacement following contact. If you fail to file a damage claim within 48 hours of delivery to your shipping address the shipping company and may not be liable due to customer negligence of notification on the damage or loss of the shipment. Losses must be reported no longer than 15 days past the estimated time of shipment delivery by the carrier. You are emailed the day the shipment is sent with the tracking number and invoice. If the shipment does not arrive near the estimated time of shipping delivery please contact us within 15 days of this estimated time. Estimated times are provided by the shipping carrier. We do not guarantee estimated delivery times as this is a service solely provided by the shipping carrier.


Debit Cards!!!!!! Visa or MasterCard only

If you are using a DEBIT CARD and cannot get your order to place please do not keep submitting your order. Each time you submit your order a reservation in the order amount is placed on your account until your address is human verified. Correct your cards address with your bank! By trying to submit your order multiple times using a DEBIT CARD could cause your bank account allot of problems. ****PLEASE NOTE*** Most DEBIT CARDS have a daily limit of funds. Check with your bank to make sure your daily limit is within the amount of the order you are placing. (We are not responsible for how many times you try to submit your order nor for the amount you have tied up in reservations that may cause your bank account to bounce checks.)


How do I add parts to my shopping cart?

When the part is on "Search Results of Available Parts" page check the white box under the prompt that says "ADD". When all of the required parts are checked then check the "ADD TO SHOPPING CART" button to see totals including shipping and handling.

Please note you can modify or delete any items in the current cart you have open until you click the check out button. If modifications are needed after entering the check out function please log out and back in as to clear out your shopping cart and start over.


What is the warranty on Hummer parts?

Please refer to this link on warranty information. Hummer Warranty


What does discontinued parts mean?

This means the part you want is no longer being made by HUMMER or AM General and is not available for purchase.


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