Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I need my parts ASAP?

If you need to have your parts quicker than our standard ground service can deliver, you will need to contact your local dealer.

Orders on average take 7-10 working days, in some cases it can take longer due to a special ordered part that is backordered or delays from the manufacturer.


Do you have my parts in stock?

We keep many parts in stock, but sometimes depending on the type of part, we have to pull that part from either our local warehouse, distant warehouse, or straight from the manufacturer.


Can you provide the history of my vehicle?

No, does not have access to vehicle history. There are several web sites available such as that have useful information about vehicle history.


Why did I receive an email saying address or zip code error?

If you receive this error the address you are entering does not match the address or zip code listed with your credit card company. Please check with your card provider to verify your address or try another card. Your street address is what the system is detecting as not matching. The billing address that you put in on the site absolutely must match, including punctuation and spacing, the address that your financial institution has on file for the card holder. The very slightest variance from what they have on record will cause the order to reject.


I receive (address does not match) when trying to place my order.

In most cases when your address does not match the address you are entering is different than what your credit card provider has on file for you. (You will have to call your provider and verify the address for the CARD is the same as you are entering) ***PLEASE NOTE** If you are using a debit card and cannot get your order to place please do not keep submitting your order. Each time you submit your order a reservation in the order amount is placed on your account. Correct your address with your bank! By trying to re-submit your order multiple times using a DEBIT CARD could cause your bank account allot of problems.


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