Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a phone number to call and place an order?

To keep our prices as low as possible WE DO NOT CORRESPOND BY PHONE. All correspondence through our firm is by email only, so we can document all transactions.

We will be able to help you in every way by email. Please note all correspondence is required by email for accurate records and future training purposes. We strive to operate a secure customer friendly web site. We do not process orders in any manner other than our verification procedure on our website. We are serviced through a secure server and will not jeopardize our or your transaction history.


Do you sell new HUMMER parts?

We sell only original equipment Genuine AM General and HUMMER parts, most are new, some like starters, or alternators are remanufactured and sold by HUMMER and usually say "reman" in the description or have a "core charge". All parts sold on our web site will have the same HUMMER warranty as parts sold at any HUMMER dealer nationwide. For more information about the HUMMER parts warranty check Hummer Warranty

If someone other than HummerPartsOnline wants to sell you what appears to be Genuine HUMMER Parts that are well below our prices, BEWARE! The Parts could be imitations. Unfortunately, fake auto parts have become a serious problem in recent years. And it doesn't just hurt companies such as HUMMER - it hurts you, the person buying the parts, as well. It's worth your while to read on and find out more about this problem.


Am I ordering directly from HUMMER? Or are you a HUMMER dealer?

We are a HUMMER dealer and a division of Flow Automotive.


How long before my order ships?

On average your order will ship out in 7-10 business days. In some cases it may take longer due to back-ordered, special-ordered or unavailable parts. Please note you are notified in site policies of approximate shipping times "For to keep prices low and to service all customers as quick as possible, orders cannot be cancelled for any reason. Please make sure your part numbers are correct before placing your order."


Why are your parts so inexpensive? Is this for real?

Yes our prices are for real! We sell only original current production original equipment HUMMER Parts. Parts and prices listed on our site are based off HUMMER pricing.

We can sell this low only because of our volume of parts sales. You can see exactly where we make our profit in our handling fee less the actual shipping cost, employee, web, and "brick and mortar associated cost", etc.

That is why we have to strictly adhere to our site polices, one of which is no phone calls please. We can help you in every way by email. We are on a very low profit margin and to keep the overall prices low the Internet department does not have a phone staff.


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